Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ilin Blue's 11 th bday!!!

Well, 11 years ago today I gave birth to my little genius....Ilin Blue!
(don't they look Yummy)
Last night I made 2 dozen cupcakes for his class. I'm not much of a cook so i made boxed cupcake then fancy frosting.

I made Cream Cheese Frosting which i dyed blue,then Chocolate ganache frosting. The kids said it was yummy. Poor Olive, she just couldn't get the concept that it wasn't her Bday.

Tonight is ladies night so we will indulge Ilin in a huge bowl of mussels and any type of pop he wants. I think Gramma Cathy has offered to treat him to his bowl of stinky mussels.

On a different note, Bobby is still sick. He seems fine all day then as soon as we go to bed he gets the chills and is "sick" again. I really feel it's because he is not eating properly and doesn't take care of himself. My biggest fear is that he will really get sick and he won't survive because he is so weak.

more later....

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