Tuesday, February 19, 2008

how my days have been feeling

Didi sent me this...I hope she doesn't think it's real. It says taken in S. Africa and that's the Golden Gate Bridge. Hahahaha.
I't a cool picture and it sums up the way some of my days have been going. Only difference is ...No one throws me a ladder.

It's Tuesday Morning and I'm here early so that I can run and try to get a little energy flowing. Get my Chi a'movin...or whatever it is called.

Michelle asked me to run the ST. Patricks Race with her, but it's a 6k. Haven't done one of those before, so I felt I better start training since it is a month a way. I can do it. As long as it isn't cold. I hate running in the cold.

School is going well. We start clinicals in a couple of weeks and we are all hoping we are ready. We have one teacher that is a bit out of it and keeps telling us "it's not on the test" . Well, Lady, I could give a shit less if it is on YOUR test...Is it on the NCLEX? Do we NEED to know it!? Who knows? It's all such a crap shoot.

I also, started going thru my calendar and noticed Becky (Daycare) is closed 2 days. One I can probably ask off for the other Bobby will have to ask off. I hate it because it screw up my entire work schedule. Oh well, naybe I'll just realx and enjoy the day off. Right?

I'm going to go run...Try to get a 4 mile in...and get down there before that good lookin guy is there and sees my all redfaced and sweaty. I like to run in Solitude...with the FOOD network blasting.

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Anonymous said...

First the picture - YIKES!! (Of course, I have a horrid phobia of sharks ~shudder~)
I would throw you a ladder and climb down to help if I could!
You are doing so great with keeping up with everything, work, school, running, family! You are going to do great with clinicals too, I know it!!