Friday, February 29, 2008

it's Friday!!!!

Supah Stahs
Synda sent this to me this morning....
Olive and Ryland

all righty, another week down....YESSSS. Slept in a bit this morning because Ilin came with me to work...he's going snowboarding with his Aunt Dana and I didn't think it would be right to get him up at 245 am :)

Last night I went to Synda's to work on some knitting. I think we got a few good ideas for some goofy projects. Try to incorporate some other stuff into the knitting. We'll see how it goes. I widh I had more time to knit, but right now I don't.

Made it though both tests yesterday. I know I made a 90 or 91 on my pharm. test and I hope I did ok on the Med Surg. I'm guessing I passed (c), at this point it really is about getting to the next level. I have some homework this weekend along with working. Let's paper on Black-American food culture, finish my Cephalexin CTE, do something with K+, Na and something else? Lord...and then I'm done, well after I study.

I think Bobby picked up the primer for the "guest room" ie the dungeon downstairs. So that is on my list. and I MUST RUN if I'm going to do that race.

This afternoon is girls meeting afterwork, it will be nice to sit down and catch up with everybody. I heard Sara has a new BF and Anissa is getting to go on her vacation to NY, Titsy joined 24 HOUR Fitness for her next level of "the biggest loser" , and I'm sure Cathy has something exciting to tell us.

Well best get to work.

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