Friday, February 15, 2008

Knitting Renegade Woes

I was sitting here doing my work then I started thinking, which is never good at work. Sometimes, ok, well most of the time, I do things so nutty. I was thinking how Synda is soooo good at her knitting. She follows the patterns and gets things done so quickly. She does tell me she "frogs" a lot, but I think she just says that to make me feel better. I started my Sweater for Olive with no a renegade knitter, just thinking, "I'll figure it out". Well, what I figured out is that I needed a book. So that is where I get a book to answer/fix all my sweater problems. HAHAHAHA
Well, I got the book, found a cute sweater, then realized i had to figure out how to make the sweater I liked into the 4 year old 4T size I had all ready started. Talk about "winging it". I told Synda that I promise I will follow a pattern from now on, or at least write down what I am doing so that I can redo it ....or better yet, get the sleeves the same size. See, this is why Synda and I are friends...she understands that I don't always go by the "pattern" .


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