Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Hard to NOT do 20 things at Once...."

Nurse Doug said this to me via email yesterday.....hmmmmmmm....yes, just think about it for a few minutes. It's very true. If you are used to multi tasking...maybe going 4 places a day, taking care of groceries, school, work...and then BAM...they say..."hey, sleep in, relax" I guarantee that your eyes will pop open at 620 am and your mind will race with all the things that you should be doing or could be doing. Not very relaxing. Not very relaxing at all. I'm going on day 3 of Spring Break and I'm all ready thinking about cracking open my school books so taht I don't fall behind. Fall Behind!!!???? It's Spring Break!

I cleaned the entire fishtank yesterday, that means dumping all the water, cleaning the rocks, scrubbing that filter thing and refilling with fresh water and getting a new condo for the fish. They will probably die now. I cleaned the 11 yo's room and we threw a bunch of stuff out, which leads to a mind problem for myself. I hate throwing away those little misplaced toys. Little helmetless Lego people are the worst for me. I feel bad for them....anyways I secretly put all the "cute" homeless toys in a shoebox and put them on the "homeless" shelf. I realized that I have 3 other boxes. (I'm going to take a picture to prove it tonight). His room looks good. Then I headed to the basement to work on the new guest room and basement toys. it's gross in the basement. (this is a case of not being able to relax) The new room looks good except I need pillows....but the "rumpus room" as my parents would have called it is disgusting. It's got the shag, brown, swirl carpet and mismatched furniture, along with a ton of Marshall Stacks of Bobby's and just random STUFF. Not sure what to do with the basement.

Today, is knitting night, but it might turn into ladies night. Got that Synda?

I better get to work.

I wanted to remind everyone about "babysteps" for the Earth. If you haven't stopped using grocery bags at the grocery store...please...get yourself 4 Earth friendly bags and stop using that plastic

Write ya later



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