Wednesday, March 12, 2008

oh my it is in a nutshell

Yesterday....and today
1. olive came home in different clothes, threw up at Becky's.
2. Later said she had a tummy ache...had diarrhea, took care of that.
3. 145 am..."mommy, I poopied!"  On the toilet...good sign...flipped on the light.  SHIT everyWHERE!!!  once she saw it she started screeching , "get it OFF!!!"  (can't say I blame her)
4.  No sign of movement from the dad...Possibly didn't hear?  (yeah sure)
5. 200 am sponge bath and sheet change.
6.  Olive back in bed
7.  Put shitty diaper in plastic bag left in table
8. Next morning, Dad in all his infinite wisdom threw bag with shitty, shitty diarrhea pullup out onto the back porch (thanks)
9. work 5 am - 1130 am...back home
10.  PEEyeew.  what's that smell?  Gross, dogs have dragged shitty pullup back into the house via the dog door and have rolled in it and eaten what was left.  (once again, thanks Dad)
11.  No time... study, have 3 exams tomorrow....
12. Ilin comes home...YUK what's that smell, Mom?   Don't ask...just get in the car we have to get Sissy.
13.  First, do a rip roarin' grocery flyby so that I can make a fabulous meal for my family.
14. go get Olive...then get home. Jammed out to the is almost Beer Holiday!
15.  Bobby in the door" what's for dinner?  You know I have practice tonight?"  
16. Shit...SHIT, double shit
17.510...making dinner, while thinking about how I'm going to fail my tests.

whole wheat pasta, tossed with olive oil, light garlic, green beans cherry tomatoes and 1/4 c of ricotta good.
salad:  shredded carrot with pears and curry vinagrette...too weird for the kids.

18. Bobby hated the dinner.  grimaced quietly.  kids tried to choke it down while saying how "yummy it was"...liars!  ....damn food network...well, i liked it.
19. Bobby out the door.  as leaving I yelled..."I feel like a slave"  Didn't go over to well :(
20. Folded laundry.  1,2 ,3 loads  ....i hate laundry
21.  cleaned up the trails of ants that came into the laundry room...isn't it still winter?
22. 2nd glass of wine...should help my studies.
23. decide to blog instead of study.

24...realized I'm in big trouble tomorrow.

on a better note. the bedroom got painted by default.  I put all the stuff in the room and crossed my fingers and it worked,it's painted.  I have to order the vinyl decals...then I'll take more pictures

you guys...
i love ya!


Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like we had a similar night with the puking and changing ends there. Thank goodness we didn't get the diarhea!! Knock on wood for tonight.


Anonymous said...

You poor woman - that is definitely a rotten day. If I ever become independently wealthy, I'm hiring you a servant, just for you and your needs.