Thursday, April 3, 2008

A few Little Thoughts

First, on this day for all you thinking of Martin Luther King , I'd like to just say ...."I'm so glad you didn't sneeze." (you can look it up, it's one of my favorite things)

I thought today as I drove to work in the early morning RAIN...yes RAIN...not snow....this is week the trees will be sprouting the green buds that change everyone's demeanor here in Colorado. It always comes the same way...the Spring Rain...then one day you are driving to work and you say"My that green?" I do this in my head every Spring as if I was never going to see anything but brown trees, grass and or snow for the rest of my life. Then everyones spirits change...we are done with snow, we are ready for Wildflowers. Gardening. Motorcycles. Outside Parties. YAhhhhOOooOOo.

I think....Spring has Sprung....boing.

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