Monday, May 5, 2008

3:35 am drive in

This morning as I drove in, I noticed the sky. I remember being young and the sky being so black. You could see the Milky Way and the stars were so bright. I don't live in the city per se, so I should really be able to see the beauty...but it is often vague. I know it's there, just by mere intelligence :), and it is still beautiful....I just wish I could see more. I remember when i lived in Atlanta, we would all go out to this huge old battlefield and lay on our backs and just stare at the sky. We could look way to the left and see the scorpion (which we can't see in Co.) and next to that, the warrior, the big and little dipper, the 7 sisters ( I always think of the movie Xanadu), and Orion's belt. Do people care about the stars anymore? Do we teach our kids about the stars? We should. Take time to lay in the yard on a warm summer night and point a few stars out to your kids...or friends.


k said...

Stars, ahh - The last time I recall seeing all the constellations I could fathom was on a hot August night, lying on the beach in Destin - We were leaving the town after a brief 9 month stay. We were with our new friends and all the kids. I could have stayed in that spot forever.
Miss ya - K

Anonymous said...

come with me to Montana sometime, or out to my know to the town with no stoplights. The sky is amazing, you can see all the stars...and yes it is mesmerizing.