Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I worked on a bag last night. I feel guilty writing mean words about this bag, but it is in angry bag. You know what I mean? I always try to sew with "groovy love" in my heart...Looking at the bag and thinking. "I'd use this bag...this is a cool bag...stitches aren't perfect...but this bag is cool." I'm usually right...people usually say ...that's awesome....BUT THIS BAG....ANGRY BAG.
I must have ripped stitches out 5 or 6 the point where Bobby said, "can you chuck it and start over?" Lord NO...think of the guilt. Plus, someone had picked this fabric for this bag...
I finally got all the stitches ripped out started again, appeared to be going fine then I realized I had stitched the bag onto itself...and wouldn't have noticed except the bobbin ran out. (angry bag) (cursed bag)...this is when I honestly considered throwing it away, because the person who wants this bag will surely have ill fate for carrying it, right?
At this point I only want it done so that I can get the angry bag away from my sewing machine so it doesn't become contagious....any of you crafties out there have any ways to prevent "angry sewing"?
(the angry sewer)

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