Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Caution, kinda gross...warning

First of all a great big warning...I think feet are disgusting...and yes those are my CHEET-TOES/Fred Flinstone Feet...what I'm trying to demonstrate is what a day of clinicals in shitty shoes does to your feet.  see the horrible red spots.  ARgh...they itch and hurt...Pressure Sores, I took care of pressure sores all day, now I have my own.  What you can't see is the big blisters on my baby toes  :(

as a result of a long hard day of clinicals I am drinking what is left in the fridge....
(see below)
I really should be studying....Now for the really sad and shocking part
It may be hard to understand, but I like my friends and family to see some of the interesting people and things I get to see, things we all take for granted.  Yes, when you are in the hospital the Dr prescribes and does surgery, but the nurses are the ones who care.
I took care of a young man, 28 who has end stage renal disease.  All of his blood must be filtered through dialysis...it means all the blood comes out and is filtered so that all the yukky stuff goes away then it is put back in....this is done continuously for about 6 hours...a great big filter circle, if you will.  We have happy functioning kidneys, which filter our blood and send it out in the pee.  He does not pee....:(
He cannot have a beer...safely....
He has to have dialysis 3 days a week so he cannot really work or live a lifestyle which 
you would think a 28 year old, good lookin' guy should live.
basically it sucks....but you know, you do what you have to do.
here is what his arm looked like....this is not his arm...just a picture of what it looked like almost exactly.  Except he was strong...and had muscles.
they don't all look like this!
So next time when you have a nice glass of red wine or a few beers then complain about having to pee...give a little thanks to your kidneys for watching out for you.
This is a picture of  an AV fistula
this one is very large and probably is aneurysmal.  The blood which flows thru is at a high pressure and causes this...similar to an aneurysm, but it hopefully won't get any bigger.  Blood flow is pretty strong and when you are constantly putting a hole into the vein it weakens...make sense?

The guy was really cool.  I enjoyed caring for him, and here's something....even in our saddest, sickest moments we still find time to smile....
His toenails were painted black.

I'm only a student, so my information about AV's is vague...so don't take any of this for "facts" because I'm still learning...I'm sure some one can enlighten me.


lapetitemort73 said...

That's so sad =(

And here I am drinking my glass of red without even thinking of how much my body goes through.

Poor guy


v8_grrl said...

just thank your kidneys

lapetitemort73 said...

Oh and YOWZA on your poor feets!!!

k said...

Get yourself some good shoes!!!
Forget the kids and the cost of gas - feet are important!! Especially if you are ging to be on them for 50 - 60 hours a week!!

k said...

Get yourself some good shoes!!!
Forget the kids and the cost of gas - feet are important!! Especially if you are ging to be on them for 50 - 60 hours a week!!

carole said...

h god, that is truly sad. life is madly, wildly unfair.

spiffydoug said...

That is one awesome fistula. You would never miss sticking that.