Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooking and our downfalls

So, Synda and I have been going back and forth about this damn meal planning for the family. It's not like we are single anymore and get to have red wine and spaghettios for dinner 4 nights a week. We have a stupid, oh excuse me, a family we have to cook for...but here's the problem. Nobody cares what they eat for dinner until you set it down if front of them. What's up with that?
The men say they are sick of eating what we give them, yet they don't want to give us any ideas as to what they want. This is what I hear all the time ..."I just ate lunch 2 hours ago...how can I decide on dinner?" Well Mister...if you want me to do the laundry, pick up the kids, go shopping then make dinner you better have an idea or your getting crap. Guess what...I work fulltime also....Oh yeah, you forgot about that?

I need a wife...Synda needs a wife. I would say we need a houseboy, but I imagine it would be like having another puppy to take care of, and that's all we need because they need to eat too. Any suggestions?
write ya later

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Anonymous said...

No, a gay boyfriend! They cook, they clean, they pretty you up!!! I miss mines...

How about pizza at home? I used to use biscuit dough or french bread, and put sketti sauce, choice of veggies and cheese. It's something everyone kind of likes and pretty easy. I usually use whatever is on hand.

That was just a thought. I'll be trying many new recipes. And I just ordered Veganomicon! It's got over 350 pages of recipes!! I'll share =)