Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday...Hump we are, halfway thru the week and my week is filling up again. Weird how that works. When I have nothing to do I mope around looking for things, when my schedule starts to fill up I start stressing. Maybe it's because I feel out of control. Maybe it's just because I'm a whack job? (no comments from the p-nut gallery, plz)
Here's my schedule, according to I say, I have nothing to do with it.

Today: Dye/foil Princess Nissa's hair, because she is going on vacation....(I'm not going on vacation)
Thursday: Hot Yoga with Synda, because if I don't go soon she will never forgive me.
Friday:Probably some sort of FAC...I'll ride the bus, just incase (don't want to drink and drive)
Saturday:Foil/dye Leslie's hair...can we get it done in an hour, she says? Lord...I'm not a professional, if you want me to do it an hour I'll try....but I don't want to hear any complaining...
Saturday after hair:(the reason we need to be done in an hour) Small Batch Beer at Odell's in Ft. Collins

:ie; get hammered with the men...(appears to be the only way my man enjoys my company anymore :) )...this part of the day will involve driving, so there will be arguing about WHO doesn't get to get hammered. This is always funny because it turns into a drinking match...If one person can get drunk or appear tipsy within an hour then they don't have to you can imagine how this progresses. I usually end up driving because my tummy starts to hurt and with Bobby being the rockstar, people are always slappin' him on the back and buying him drinks and, you know, it's an alcohol foul to not drink, let alone it would be rude!

Next week I start back to school. Only one class, but it still puts a damper on on things. Just remember the big picture. Speaking of school, Synda, you better get your arse up there and figure out what is going on.

I have to get some work done....I'll write in a little bit

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