Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm not diggin' it!

This dog is digging up my yard!!! I've been living with grown, "civilized" dogs for so many years that I had forgotten what it was like to live with a puppy. Our mastiffs were slobbery, but you get used to that...seriously you do. I came home today to find 3 new holes and the chives were out of the garden. Sorry Myssi. AAAAHHHHHHH! She is driving me crazy, she is trashing my yard, my little oasis. I just need to keep her supplied with bones to chew on...she goes through them so fast, it is like buying her a starbucks everyday.


v8_grrl said...

like i said before...there is a reason those dogs were at the humane society

Anonymous said...

at least she isn't digging holes in the furniture...for now.