Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Jees...I started the morning with a 3 1/2 year-old who argued the entire morning. Testing my patience until I, first begged and pleaded, then blew up. I always feel bad afterwards but I swear she is trying to get me to go screaming out of the house pulling my scraggly hair out. After it was all said and done she buckled herself into her car seat and said "Mamoo, I love you." yeah yeah...

Yesterday I ran about 3 miles, it was hot. I've been doing that stomach workout from this month and it's killing my sides. I could barely lift my beer. Maybe one's sides are not to have those muscles worked. I need a workout for my fat arms. I want to be able to get my arse into a well fitting bathing suit and feel M.I.L.F.y... weird I know, I think I'm having a midlife crisis. Any help out there?

Friday big Bubba, Ilin, graduates from elem. school into Middle School...can hardly believe it. Graduation is at 115 and I am going and holding a big sign that says "GO ILIN>>> One Step Closer to Clown College!" heehee...I am totally cashing in on embarrassing him as much as possible when he is young. I think he thinks I'm nuts anyways.
Here's the one crappy thing I did. I didn't call and remind his dad. I KNOW...but he is a grown man and he gets the school emails just like I we will see if the jackass shows up.

Tonight The Mighty 18Wheeler plays with some bands from Australia. All ages show. I can't decide if I want to take the kids. It would be late...and we live about 45 minutes from Downtown...Maybe I'll just dye my hair instead.

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lapetitemort73 said...

YaaaY!!! That's such a big deal, going into middle school. If you do hold that sign up, you MUST somehow get a picture of it, haha. =D

You know, the 35 must be hitting me now. I have wanted nothing but sleep in the mornings and early at night. =\ I'm even not going to the crafting night to make stuff we're vending at Tiki Oasis tonight. And I am super tempted to cancel my act for tomorrow night because I know I wouldn't get home until around midnight. So, I understand just wanting to stay home and dye hair. =) In fact, I should do that!! More grays have popped in too since last week. Stoopid aging.