Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

After birthing 2 kids from my once slim loins, I was able to relax...Ilin was at his dad's and Olive was home. We spent Saturday at a car show and Sunday...all day with Synda, Chad and Ryland (Synda has all the adorable pictures.) It was a gorgeous day and I am so thankful I have such fabulous friends. I didn't get my chores done, but that's ok...I had a good weekend...I did a bit of knitting, a bit of reading, a bit of sewing, and NO studying....even though I still have one final. I don't care. I'll look it over tomorrow. thankful to you mom. It's not an easy job. It's not easy always being the Bitch. It's not easy hearing "You don't understand" over and over again even though you MORE than understand. It's not easy saying NO, when you want to say yes. All I know is I'm just trying to raise the most openminded,smartest,problem solving kids I can...and for all you mom's that have young girls...I'm trying to raise a sensitive, woman loving young boy. We can change the world with our children. It gives everyday hope. Today my daughter said to someone, "I'm a veggie-tarian, I'm saving the mother earth" Well, that's a little Hippified for me...but it was sure damn cute and if Olive can make a difference in the world...I'll take it.

Synda will post the pictures...I'll tell you one thing that we did...Boy howdy did we drink today.

my favorite drink of the day:
Cucumber Mojitos.
cucumber,mint,lime, soda, simple sugar and yummy yummy gin.....

Veggies and drink in a glass....what more could I ask for?

write ya later

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