Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Life is like My Fabric

I'm stealing a few minutes to write, while I'm here at work. Stolen time. Makes me feel good :)
Whenever I get new fabric, I hoard it. I realize this is strange. I buy it so that I can make something with it, yet I am always fearful to cut it. What if I cut it wrong and ruin it? What if the picture in my head is different than what I am able to make with the fabric. I'll wash the fabric, iron it, stack it on top of all the other fabric and admire it...thinking of it's potential...
I make the patterns, draw them out, talk about them...then shy away when it's time to proceed.
The fabric is just as my life. Beautiful, yet needing a pattern and the ability to survive a "cut".

My goal this week is to make something with my new fabric...not the same thing I always make...something new. I'll stop standing and staring and start moving. I really will.

write ya later,

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lapetitemort73 said...

I do the same thing... I have a whole rubbermaid full of fabric, just waiting.

p.S. I love that fabric in the photo.