Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, another weekend gone...
started some more projects.  dress.  worked on Titsy bag, sewed it wrong then had to rip all the seams out.  Makes for an "angrybag"  if you know what I mean.  

Day 2 of no night time peeing in the pullup.  (not me, Olive)  yeah.

Sat around contemplating why we are never invited to parties...It must be a sad sign.  I'm going to try not to think about it too much.

Watered the lawn with the much needed water and what would ya know?...Mother Earth gifted us with a shitload of rainfall during the night...she also gifted me with wet seats since I left my windows down in the VW..(story of my life)...Oh yeah and my running shoes were outside...Will it make them smell better or worse?  I'm not sure if they could smell worse.

Speaking of better or worse.  Today is Synda's anniversary...Happy day...  I'm extremely jealous, but try to contain it.  ")....I want an anniversary.  I want someone to want to have an anniversary with me.  Silly, I know.  This day and age of Woman's Strength and Empowerment...and silly old me reads Jane Austin...and still dreams my Prince will throw his coat on the ground for me to walk across....oh...he throws it on the ground all right...but that usually means it's dirty and needs to be cleaned.  A wise man told me "the grass always seems greener"  (yeah we have all heard this)...I don't think someone else's grass is greener, I want my grass to be greener.  I want it to grow greener...Maybe it just needs a good dose of fertilizer, neither one in my household is a good gardener, maybe that's the problem?  yeah....

Synda said something funny yesterday after our long walk.   I told her I don't want to Look like a mom...She said "I know, We are fightin the fight sister."  I like that.  We sure are, aren't we.  Now, wether anyone notices is another story.  

Memorial Day...I hope all is well at your BBQ...

write ya later

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carole said...

I told my friend the other day, "no one invites single moms over". So true and it SO sucks. When I was married, we were always invited to everyone's parties.

If I had a party, I'd invite you, for whatever that's worth.