Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Woo Hoo...first day of NO SCHOOL! I'm done for a few weeks and decided I would start my fabulous vacation by riding the bus. It was POURING rain and as I took Olive to daycare I started that crazy in my head rationalizing as to why I should drive instead of the bus. Then my cheap ass "little voice" said, "you could save $6 today by riding the bus". Ohhh really,now? $6? Ok, sold. By the end of the week it will be 24$ Then I can go to Yoga and buy some more fabric.

I'm almost done with the Blue Bag and Synda told me about these cute oilcloth lunch bags I want to make...I wish I could just come to work and sew, instead of do insurance crap. My seeds have come up outside and the ones I planted inside have also started to sprout.

what else? I think i made all A's and one B...good for me...and I can't wait to see what the summer brings

oh yeah...
Doug, please take Micro with me and get out of that online class...I see there is 3 more open spots.

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