Sunday, May 18, 2008

this weekend

My weekend pictures...these beautiful fairy flowers I found while walking to work from the bus.  Lusciously pink.

Big Brother went to a sleepover and we went to Art-Walk, which is great in our small town.  They close off Main St. and we can walk right down the middle .  there is chalk everywhere and people are smiling and drawing...the weather was perfect.

We stopped and had yummy Pizza and beer.

Statue Cowboy Man
Then  Saturday we did yardwork...tidied up the flower beds and planted seeds and....
the lettuce is coming up...Olive's rocks are keeping it company
Planted Olive's Garden (yes, it makes me laugh too)
We planted flowers and mowed...I got all the laundry done and dried on the line.
Big Brother watched Olive while Daddoo and Mammoo went up the street to see a friend's cover band.
It was like redneck utopia...
here...let me sum it up, because I didn't have my camera.
A table of mentally handicapped people drinking way too much Coors light...
A midget bartender.
People swing dancing to Ac/DC
woman dancing with Beer ,in the bottles, in their back was odd.
Bikers and Geriatrics
and all with the bad 80's music background.

hmmm. small town local bars.  :)

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