Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bikes. Blood. Bruises.

Well...Chad got a bike for his birthday and a tag-a-long for Ryland. They have been going out biking every night and having a blast. I was starting to feel a little left out. Last night was a community bike ride. It was spur of the moment, as is everything that we do. Chad said "let's go get a bike for you so you can come with us". My birthday is coming up, so it is an early birthday present. I wanted this cruiser, but my legs are just too long for the girls version even with the seat all the way up. The guys at the shop built me a boys version, I was so lucky they had the parts in the shop. We couldn't believe how quickly they put it together, just so I could go on the ride. The ride was going very well guessed it, I crashed. Totally stupid. I haven't ridden a bike for 14 years or so. Everytime a crash on a bike it is because I can't get on the sidewalk properly from the side...everytime. You would think I would learn. No. I caught the tire on the sidewalk once again. I biffed it. So emberassing... Thank goodness there was a guy who works at bike shop that was close by. My back tire wouldn't move and then my chain fell off. He fixed it all. Unfortunately he couldn't fix my big juicy bruises that I now have across my thigh. I also cut up my foot pretty good. My flip flop was soaked with blood. Well, we rode home, cleaned up my wounds and went back out to join up with the group. They all met up at a place for ice cream. I just looked at Chad and said I don't need ice cream right now, I need a beer. We headed over to a place with outdoor seating and I got my 240z Guiness. Turned out to be a great night and I broke in my sweet little bike, gotta do it sometime.


Anonymous said...

Sweet bike! I have to take a pic of mine, it's a retro style cruiser too =)
Don't feel bad about the crash. I still do it trying to get on the sidewalks too, and I've been riding again for a few years.
Sorry about the juicy bruise; did the Guiness at least help medicate the pain? o.O


v8_grrl said...

now I'm jealous...we need a tag along for Olive...Booby and I have the matching girl boy Rat Rod Cruisers.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Guiness helped. We all need to start our own cruiser gang.


k said...

Sorry about you cuts and bruises - I spread myself on a four lane road in front of a school bus. Rode the bike to work- called my mom, had her pick it up - Only place I ever saw it again was in her garage!!!
I think I would let Chad know the pretty pink dress will help.