Monday, June 2, 2008

here I am...

Long weekend of quiet soul searching for myself. My few friends who know me know why. I am doing better and am trying to see things as they are and how they can be, but it's not up to me.

As I drove to work today i saw a few things that make me wonder...I drive by this Iris Farm...Iris's everywhere. Every color of the rainbow. Here's is the beautiful part. 2 chairs, side by side right in the middle. So that 2 people can sit and relax after a day of weeding and contemplate the beauty.
Makes me smile. Sitting in the Irises. Thinking....maybe having a beer.

I start classes again tomorrow...well, just one class....Microbiology. whoopidee doodah.

I did start working on Olive's dresser, endtables, and bed. It was my set when I was a girl and probably was my sister's before me. It sat in my mom's house forever so is now soaked in nicotine stains. I am on my 3rd coat of KILZ and that nicotine just soaks right thru. I need it to NOT soak thru so I can put the lovely shade of pink that Princess Olive picked on it. Reality has it that we should have just picked a nice shade of brown.

I'll write more later

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