Friday, June 13, 2008

Ilin Blue is off....

Disney World!!!

He and his dad and other family received a trip for Princess Zoey from Make a Wish Foundation.
What a great week they will have. We have had to keep it under wraps because his other little sissy, Princess Olive, does not get the picture straight about not being part of "their" family.
Hard concept for 4 yr olds.
Anyways, Ilin is excited, although the kid does not, and has not ever, ridden any of the rides. He's scared to death of them....he once attempted to jump out of the "Frog Hopper" ride at the Lakeside Amusement Park Kiddie Land. It was so frightening the ride attendant had to stop the ride. So, with that said we have been amping him up to at least try Peter Pan's ride or maybe the Haunted House , which is funny, but you can still see the look of fear in the kid's eyes.
Hard to experience Disney Magic when you won't step one foot near it and when your little sisters seem to show no fear of anything.

Have fun BUBBA!!!!

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