Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kill me now...Please

I got to work at 5:15 this morning...that is not the problem. The problem is that they put this lady in the office to work with me, who is very nice,LOUD, but nice and now there is not enough work to do. A perfect way to make a miserably boring job more boring? Take away 4 hours of the work, and then just sit at your desk "trying to find things to do"for the remaining 4 hours.
Christ Almighty. It's now 1022 and I have read every blog on my blog roll, every blog on their blog rolls, ate my breakfast, most of my lunch, filed EVERYTHING, cleaned my desk with the toxic cleaning wipes, searched for everyone I've ever known on google(hoping to get some dirt), thought about my life, contemplated human nature, and have now finished blog #2 for the day. Thank god I don't have my camera...there are plenty of construction workers in the parking lot....I could hoope for one of those "diet coke" moments as seen on TV.

Wake me when it's over

I still have school from 2-450...maybe I'll get out of here early and take a nap.
oh yea...I made a whoppin 52 on my test yesterday...good way to start the semester.


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