Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little Pissy Myssi

I don't know...I go through phases of wanting, needing and then being content. I'm pretty sure this is all normal, but days like this I get a wee bit pissy. The days of Summer were the best days of my life not too long ago. I would spend them frolicking by the pool, riding my cruiser, going to the zoo, basically anything that would take up daylight sun during the day then I would swing on the porch swing until the bats came out at night. Lately, my days have been engulfed with time consuming shit that does nothing for my inner "myssi", except make it pissy...pissy myssi. I go through the motions day in and day out thinking is this it? I drive to work and look at all the business people doing the same thing and I think, is this where I need to be? I look at my kids when I come home and think, wouldn't it be nice to just hang out for a
bit? Of course it would! I worry about not having enough time off to take a day off but will I really think about such silly things in 2 years or will I think...Jeesus, I should have taken some days off and had a little fun.

Maybe this week or the week coming up I will just work part of a day and get the hell outta Dodge. Hang by the pool. Laugh with the kids and just relax.

yeah...no worries


lapetitemort73 said...

You should do that. You need a break, with you time, or family time.


k said...

Makes sense - Remember you are doing the school and work thing to make life better for yourself and the kids - BUT - they grow up fast - so spend time with them.The little things mean more to the kids than we know. Especially us - we didn't get that time.

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