Sunday, June 22, 2008

No one told me

that four year olds could be so difficult. Man, she can turn on a dime. One minute she is the sweetest most polite little girl...the next minute VERY different!!!! When she comes out of it she is back to her adorable little self and I think that I must be a little crazy, no way could she have really just been acting so horrible, but yes...

I am going a little crazy with this age. If this is a preview for the teenage years, she will be living somewhere else or I will be in the looney bin.

this image is off of, a very talented artist. Hope it is ok to post the image

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lapetitemort73 said...

See things like that make me not want to have kids. I'm getting to that age where my eggs are probably rotten anyway. Or would that mean if I did conceive, that I would be destined to have rotten kids?! yikes