Thursday, June 19, 2008

not missing...just freakin out

Sorry I haven't blogged, I was really hoping Synda would post some of her fabulous pictures from her trip and take up some page space....

Let's has been my week at a glance.

Monday: Went to Therapy to help me recover my non crazy side....***note to self, it didn't make me feel better...made me feel retarded and I used half a box of kleenex and when it was all done, the "therapist lady" said, "next time you should see if the Significant Other would might help". What does she mean? I can't be helped? Oh well, whatever, I'm just going to throw that to the side and think about it later...because it definitely does not help my mental status.

Tuesday: Tired...worked, went to class...CLASSSSSSSS...damn class, Micro 101...I'm freaked out about the class. I just don't quite get it and I am not good at rote memorization. I HAVE to understand how it works and where it fits in to learn it. With that said, I just am freaking out. huge test on Thursday...should have studied over the weekend, but didn't now I'm paying the freak out price. If anyone knows an easy way to remember the ATP transport in Prokaryotes, please let me know quickly!

Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday...add extra freakout. Talked to Bobby about joining me at therapy. He looked at me like, "Jeesus Christ, you can't even do therapy by yourself?" ...but could probably see the tears and said maybe it would be a good idea. Once again...not going to think about it because that just makes me think...if he thinks it's a good idea, possibly I could be crazy? whatever...worry about above stupid test.

Thursday: That is today. Super stressed, but now too late to actually do anything about it. Looking over Micro...ok, Myssi, focus on one section...we have 4 chapters to cover, if you can ace at least 2 you have a 50/50 shot of passing. (see, not crazy...really good with rationalization...or is that a crazy person trait?) whatever...focus...

That is my boring week so far. I have neglected everything, including my dear friends. Synda left me some great VM's on my phone, which I wish I could figure out how to put them on here as a sound bite because she is rambling on about how she wants to be anorexic like the "vodka carb gals" and then in another VM how she needs to do SOMETHING!!! (this all coming from a beautiful,6' blond who does yoga 4 times a week and has not an inch of ugly on her).
My neice, who is getting married NEXT YEAR keeps hounding me about dresses for Olive."what size will she be next year?" In my head I'm thinking: 1) how the hell would I know...Its a year away!, 2) Let's wait til next's a year AWAY!, 3) please, I have so many things to worry about right now...I just can't think about which Target dress to buy for Olive...for a wedding which is a YEAR AWAY!!!! nice side of my brain's a big deal to her, it's her wedding...just make up a size and if it doesn't fit NEXT year, I'll buy another one. (see, not crazy, nice and good family member)

Ok, on the last note ,before I go try to use the bathroom at the hospital, that is if I can get in there before all the vagrants come in to bathe and crap...I think I need to work out more....My armpit fat is hurting me. My toilets stink at home...I need to clean...and!!!! I wish I could figure out what happened to that double dong.


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you will come out of this just fine - you are a STRONG woman who has taken on - what most people would believe is too much. But in the end you will be better for it - besides you NEED to be a nurse - you may have a relative or 2 you will be taking care of in their(or her) old age!!
We love you - hang in there girl.