Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Yes....Me Likey

I'm so going to do this, then I'll be hanging a picture of my secret Love where that other dude is.
scott w...

Why can't the higher beings above just let me get a piece of this for a while? I don't ask for much, if anything...I just need this (see above, and think naked, in 400 thread count, and not hung over)
Maybe TMI...but I'm having one of those months...Everything that can go wrong does. My new "therapist" says I need to say what I I'm saying it "I want that" I believe it could help.

Anyways...that wall is sexy...and if I can't have romance, sex or food (since I'm constantly trying to thin out) I'll take the wall.


lapetitemort73 said...

Ok, I'm in love with that wall.
I don't have any walls to do that to though =\

Mine would have a tattooed Johnny Depp pic. =D or Cillian Murphy...

v8_grrl said...

those guys would work...but I like that junkie skinny look, except clean, and preferably well hung.

lapetitemort73 said...

I love you