Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Time

No it's not Synda and Me :)
(soon enough)

Well, Summertime has rolled in nice and even...The 11 year old is all ready miserably bored. I don't remember being bored during Summer, but maybe I was a little go- getter.
I loved the Summer. Judy Blume books,laying by the pool and pretending I was someone I was not, and waiting for something SO exciting to happen. It usually didn't happen...but I was ready if it did. First kiss happened in Summer...I remember it. Carl Cox...I was going into 8th grade he was going into 11th. I don't remember how we met, probably at the "mall"...or at the place we called "The Shells" where we all just hung out in the evening and drank horrible concoctions such as Everclear and Koolaide out of a trashcan. Whatever the case, he would drive to our house which was in a resort area about 35 miles from where everyone else lived. We had a pool and the beach and lots of free warm summer air.
That first kiss...I had imagined it, read about it, and knew exactly how it would be. Sweet and endearing. He came at me...I was ready...lips PUCKERED!!! I guess I didn't think my first kiss would be a tongue kiss.
I was mortified. I couldn't recover from that first kiss disaster...for a long time.
I remember Carl telling me he was going to tell everyone in school I didn't know how to kiss.
It definitely put a damper on my summer romance novel I lived in my head.

The beauty of is lost so fast. The only way I can relive it as an adult is by going to a beach and feeling the warm air, listening to the waves and thinking of that summer and Judy Blume, Carl, and first kisses

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lapetitemort73 said...

Oh my!
Your first kiss, during summer, sounds just like mine, except I had braces... It took me a long time to want to kiss a boy again, haha