Monday, June 9, 2008

weekend at Tambien Denver

Oh my flipping goodness.
Yesterday we met up with Michelle, Noah and Dahlia to go to the Rockabilly and Ribz at Tambien in Lodo. Seemed like a fine idea. Loaded up the Hotrod and off we went. As usual, halfway there i got carsixk from sucking in all the gas fumes. I felt like I was going to puke, but was able to make it. We got to Tambien and they had special parking for the rods so we didn't have to walk, which was nice. This place is right in Cherry Creek...lots of cool people, looked like it was going to be fun...THEN IT HAPPENED!!! We got the idiot waitress from HELL!!!! Ok, first...let me say I have waited tables for most of my life in every type of establishment, so I can tell when someone is having a bad day...this girl was not having a bad day...she was just awful!!!

We sat down and immedialtely she asked if we could get us something to drink...should have ordered right there, but since we had the little girls with us wanting to check out the potties and stuff first I said ,"can you give us one minute" (first mistake) she never came back. Well when she did come back she got our orders and then came back 20 minutes later carrying one drinnk at a time. Come on NOW...We are drinkers, we needed her to step it up. I'll make this short. after waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes f0r the food...we got it ate, she never came back. Michelle got up to get the check. Another 20 minutes went by...then the check came...Totally wrong. Wrong food, wrong drinks , some was right some was wrong. I went ballistic! I got up and went straight into the waitress station and said "where's the manager?" Blank stares....Then the little waitress came up and wanted to know what was wrong. WRONG? I said...I spun around like a top and just had at it.
" I have waited tables for a good 20 some years and you, young lady have given me the worst service I have ever had. I'm not sure what is going on, but the manager needs to be told. You could give a shit less and obviously don't care about making any money and in the mean time are killing off the customers. Where is the manager?!!!"

At this point she started hopping around on one foot, welling up and said ,"really?" I'll just comp. it all. I said no...that is not necessary what is necessary is a manager please.
She grabbed the check and said I got it just go.

I still couldn't find the manager, but figured I would call today. My god, it is so unlike me to blow a gasket like that but it was ridiculous and we won't go back...even though the food was pretty good. What should ahve been a 45 minute lunch ended up a 3 hour disaster.

Everything else my weekend was good. Except I got nothing done and did no workouts or studying :(

write ya later


lapetitemort73 said...

That sucks that your cool day out turned into a disaster =\

Anonymous said...

omg, I wish I had been there to see that one!!!