Monday, June 30, 2008


I am off to Montana for a week of fun for the 4th of July. A week spent drinking PBR or Coke, I will drink the PBR even though I am a dark beer drinker. The funniest thing about the 4th of July in this small, adorable town in Montana is the ping pong drop. I have always tried to capture how funny it is in pictures, but I have yet to succeed...maybe this year. The parade comes through town, usually makes a few rounds to make the fun last a little longer. After the parade a small plane flies over the crowd dropping hundreds of numbered ping pong balls. That is when the fun starts. The crowd runs into the street trying to catch as many ping pong balls as they can. Ping pong balls are everywhere and there is a mob of people climbing over each other to get just one more ball. After all, you claim prizes when you turn the balls in to the bank. It is one of the funnies things I have ever seen. There is a separate drop for the little ones, because when the balls drop watch out or you will be trampled.

In preparing for the trip I really needed to go to the store to get some food to bring along. Being a vegetarian in this beef loving town is a little tough. There isn't a grocery store and people think vegetarian is a naughty word. Even if you avoid eating any meat everything else is fried in bacon grease. It was so delicious when I was a meat eater and I always came home at least ten pounds heavier. I just ignore the bacon grease at this point and when I'm at the town bbq people don't realize that I'm eating potato salad and chips on a bun instead of a hamburger. They do kind of look at me funny when I say no to the hamburger, but I just move on down the line. I went to the grocery store tonight to get some food to take on the trip. I remembered my reusable bags but I forgot my wallet. Damn! Well, I hope I can stock up in the morning because I'm not going back to the store tonight.

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v8_grrl said...

i miss you allready

take a picture of the balls