Friday, July 11, 2008

Angry Morning

A few things I hate:

1. The bus pulling away as I pull into the bus stop, even after I forced myself up 30 minutes early, rushed around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and squealed into the parking lot. ( I know that bus driver saw me!)

2. My period...Yes, I realize I've been having the damn thing for 22 years,( minus the time in the middle when I was either on super birth control or pregnant) but I still can't get used to it. I'm never prepared, it never comes when I want it to and it always ruins my it knows my sex schedule. Lord forbid that is would start Sunday evening at 5 pm and end Friday afternoon at happy hour. ( never trust anything that bleeds a quarter of it's life and lives).

3. Tight underwear. It ruins my entire morale. It just proves that I have gained weight or have water weight which in return makes we want to cram bags of Boulder Chips into my mouth to make me feel better. Curses to you #2 and salt!

4. Zits....This may be redundant with #2, but Jeesus H Christ....can I not get a break between Zits and wrinkles? What ever could I have done in my past life to deserve this? I recycle, I donate, I'm good to myself and Mother Earth, why, oh WHY must I have zits?

Just so as not to let ya'll think my days are always full of crap...I do have an OK life. This morning I got up and went to wake Olive up....guess what? on a good note, she didn't pee her underwear...on a funny note...she got baby powder out last night (not sure when) and shot it all over her room...looked exactly like a powder infused cannon went off...POOF! Bobby actually vacuumed it up at 545 am, chihuahua barking ferociously for all the neighbors to hear...chasing the "break the noise barrier, ancient vacuum" around the bedroom. (Please God send me a Dyson for Xmas) The weekend is here and "Rhythm on the River" is going on, so maybe we can ride our bikes down there and I am going to try to either make a bag or sew another little top for the girls this weekend...put the school book to the side.

I better go do some work
which is #5.....of things I can't stand....

write ya later....

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lapetitemort73 said...

On the period note, I hear ya, and you speak for me too in words that I cannot even think of. I think I'm getting dementia...

It's water retention, I swear. You are perfect woman, which makes me want to shove bags of Boulder chips in my mouth. o.O