Thursday, July 24, 2008

the case of the office/desk job

My pants are tight. It pisses me off. It makes me not want to eat ever again, except that I love french bread...and pasta (I have switched to wholewheat). Are my pants tight because I'm getting fatter? Or are my pants tight because I sit in this spinny office chair where my feet don't touch the ground for 9 hours a day?..."office spread".
Office jobs are bizarre to me. When I used to wait tables I would say to myself at least 50 times a week, "What I wouldn't give to sit at a desk, not have to pull out cafe tables or refill ketchup, and possibly have paid sick days!!!" Now I think to myself...I should get a part time waitressing job just to get some movement in my life.
More Randomness today...
Office jobs make me want to be a cleptomaniac. When I walk around the office I see things I want. Is that wrong? For instance, the lady across the way has a red stapler that stands up on its end. Where did she get that? We order our office stuff from the same purchasing area. Did she bring it from home? Why would you bring your stuff from home? I'm going to take it. Except she'll know, because I sit too close. Same with pens...I like other people's pens...My pens always suck ass. Maybe someone is stealing my pens. I also like to look through peoples office drawers when they aren't here. I get here really early and it started one day when I needed some Splenda. I started poking through people's drawers and they had everything but Splenda. I'll tell you what, I'm surprised we don't have mice in this office seeing how much food these office ladies cram in their drawers. It's gross. Do you really need emergency "Little Debbie" in there?
Anyway, back to the topic at chair is making my ass big. I am going to start running again today. Even if it kills me and it might. I am on week 4 of the pushups. I'm pretty sure everyone has given up. Bobby even started complaining when his first set was 30 last night. Well, Mr Wussy, the entire idea was to get to 100 pushups!
I have one more month of summer to get my ass in shape (this has been a lifetime goal). Running, pushups (for my Madonna Arms I'm working on), and maybe I'll try some hiking.
write ya later.


lapetitemort73 said...

I understand - even though I work from home which is nice - it's hard to get up from the chair with all the calls, emails, faxes, blah.

When I did work in the actual office, everyone rooted through everyone else's stuff. And we always stole each other's pens, note pads, anything. It's an evil environment I tell ya! =)

You go woman! I didn't give up, per se on the pushups. I'm just behind. I discovered gecko pushups and pigeon pushups. I'll get right back on the regular ones though. I need to catchup now. Today.

I tried running and got shin splints (sp?). So, I need to do even smaller increments in running.
I have no patience for doing things at a certain pace. I suck.

I have been really getting into weight training though. Grrrrr =p

roXy said...

you are not alone in the pushups...I just had to start over. I'm on track though, week 2 day 2.
Some other butt spreading acivities...
sitting at the bar, bike riding (for some people). I remember working at a bar and seeing someone chest up and they look fit, but when they stand up it is like they are a totally different person.
p.s. your butt doesn't look big!

Mint Julep said...

Desk job=fat ass. We all go through it. I try to get up as often as I can and I never snack at the office.

I still have a fat ass, though.

I can honestly say that I've never rummaged through my co-workers desks. I've never even thought about it. I wonder if they look in mine?

v8_grrl said...

weight lifting? are way better than us

keep doing the pushups...mayb I'll bring my Ball from home

rummage away...I give you "office angel permission" they won't even know...just don't take their fav. pen or snack.

Carolyn said...

You're hilarious with your "office spread!" Had me laughing outloud. I hear you with wanting Madonna arms. I'd settle for Kelly Ripa.

Thanks for the quilt suggestion with my girl's happy faces--that is a GREAT idea!