Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sting, that is. I am not fond of the beard, but I got over it, he is in such great shape and shows it off with very tight fitting clothes. Anyway...
The concert was great. I loved seeing all three guys playing together, although you could tell they will be happy when they don't have to play with eachother any more. Give me my check and see ya later!
As far as VIP goes, it didn't. I think there may have been a misunderstanding about the tickets. We had row 32 which is just too far from the stage for my liking. So we just found seats in row 4 (the first 2 rows were roped off so we were in row 2, I guess). Much better! Sting came out and sang "Allison" with Elvis Costello. YUM. He was playing it up last night, sort of cocky and a little cheesey at times. We did have a fabulous time and it was fun hearing all the old Police songs!
I would still like to do yoga with him sometime, a girl can dream.


v8_grrl said...


Andrea said...

yum. i saw him like 15 years ago and
he was SMOKIN' HOT.

love him.
want him.

roXy said...

he's mine