Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go on Cat...Get outta my beer

Lefthand Brewery...down the street, even the cat can't get enough.

See, these are the things that I deal with.  I went inside for a few minutes to find a pencil and when I came back , Kitty was drinking my beer...that old stupid cat.

So here are a few pointers...
Don't drink and NEVER EVER remember anything...
Don't drink and try to color and cut your own hair.

(color appears ok...bye bye grey)

(ok...I'm punk rawk what can I say)
Even though it often seems ok in a PMS fueled drinking binge, it never turns out ok. I have color down my back...I couldn't figure out how short I wanted the top and now...well Yes, my cheap ass has saved 52$ in cut but have lost a million in pride.  I'm sure a can of mousse or hair wax can fix it...and maybe a few barrettes...and possibly some low lighting.  Maybe the zit on my nose will distract the viewer?
Hmmmm?  possibly? 

The Pink Flamingos are growing well...

3 very small tomatoes have grown....There goes my plans of feeding my family for the remainder of the year off my home grown garden goods...oh well
I'm sure they are scrumptious.

well...gotta get back to studying...sorry I have nothing fabulously funny this evening...

write ya later

ps ask Synda about the dentist  :)


lapetitemort73 said...

You cut your own hair?! Hows?! I like it!

I have a pink flamingo too.

It must be Colorado this year; my garden is pitiful. =(


Mint Julep said...

How did you do that? It looks so cool! I love the idea of doing something edgy to my hair but I always puss out. Because I'm a big puss.
Seriously, it looks great! You are my hero. No mom hair for you.

v8_grrl said...

cutting hair via mirror=backwards just have to be careful not to snip one's finger

My hair kind of looks like that red thing in the WB cartoons.

i gotta go find a picture

thanks you guys