Tuesday, July 15, 2008

good job...loser

First I would like to congratulate myself on making a big ol 85% on my Microbiology Test.    thank you, thank you very much....  Only 2 more tests to go ...

Secondly, I would like to degrade myself for possibly being written off the schedule at a job I have had for 5 years...Thank you, thank you very much.  ( and no, it's not because of blogging at work, although that would make more sense).

As some of you know I work at a hospital doing financial insurance counseling ...not exactly my life time goal, but kept my other half and me insured with crappy insurance at an exorbitant rate for the time being (yes, you would think a hospital would give it's employees ok insurance    hahahahahaha...NOT).  It appears they may not be able to "accommodate" my FALL status of schedule needs while I try to better and further my educational standing for their facility; typical big business, even in Non-profit.   I am in nursing school and you would think with the shortage of nurses they would like to have me return to the wonderful facility, I now call home ,when I have completed my schooling.  Obviously a huge misunderstanding on my part.  Apparently they can get someone for much less $$$ to work my job for the 3.5 months I have remaining in school.  The bummer part is I didn't want to leave, i just wanted to go to 21 hours so as not to kill myself on my final semester.   You know  the school schedule is  about 38 hours per week of actual school time and I figured I could , you know , neglect my children and other half, deprive myself of free time and mental well being for an additional 20 hours per week just to maintain my status at the hospital....but, instead, it appears I will be greeting you with a freshly sanitized cart at Walmart, smiling and readily pointing you to the returns isle.   Thank You corporate America for your support.
write ya later


spiffydoug said...

Maybe they're just not into you! Congrats on the awesome test score.

v8_grrl said...

FU doug....Everyone is INTO me...



lapetitemort73 said...

Are you kidding me?
Why do all businesses do things ass backwards?
By tweaking your schedule just a little, I mean, they will be gaining another needed position in a few months. morons...