Friday, July 25, 2008


I am not stupid...although I am beginning to believe that I truly am. I made a 71% on my Microbiology test. I love's way cool. I do my labs. When it says "swab for Staph." who steps up to the plate and swabs her cleavage? ME!...I do...because I'm a good student (and it's hot and gross there, in my sweavage, that is). So, why is it that I can't make a good grade. Ok, I'll take that back. On the medical paper I had to write I made a 100% on both of them (surprise, surprise). But besides that...nada, no sticky wicky in my brain. I have the general concept. I know how antigens work. I know if you get stung by a bee you may not have a reaction the first time but the second time could kill you...see enough said. Is it because I should be studying NOW...instead of typing my meager thoughts on the subject as I wait for Princess Titsy to say "come, my love...let us drink Margaritas at the Horny is 345"? naaaaaah, It's because I'm lazy. I'd rather clean the grout around the toilet instead of study. So I get what I deserve. Stupido Seniorita.


jozette said...


both gross and hilarous.

lapetitemort73 said...

and it's a crazy subject - no stupido , you

mmmmmm, margaritas