Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm here

and Synda is back...I know she has some pictures of her vacation, but she is supposed to be studying for a few placement tests....maybe that is why she is not blogging.

So, short note...when I come to work in the morning I always freak out when the deer are in the middle of the street...or hanging on the sidewalk, like a pack of evil teenagers, waiting to jump me. If you beep, they run all crazy-like. If you don't beep, they just look at a deer in the headlights, for lack of a better phrase. they are sooooo cute yet larger than you think when they are right next to you.

So, I just had another test in Micro...the STRESS of it's leading me to drink, well, ok...I drank before,but it's making me drink mixed drinks at an ungodly rate. The first test, if you must know...I made a shitty 73% on...I need to make a C in the class to move on...which has never, ever been a problem with any class (I'm an A/B kinda lady)...but this class, it's stressing me out. Everyone is dropping, but I refuse. I don't know if this is idiotic on my part or genius. If I drop...I'll HAVE to take it again and I loose my money, and all my friends can vouch for how fricken cheap I am, I would NEVER,EVER, EVER pay for anything twice (except my precious Ipod that I lost/got stolen). If I make it through the class and get a C, I'm done and will never have to worry about the DNA chain again and I will get to go on to RN like a good little soldier.
I'm sticking it out even if I blow a gasket in doing so.

I have a bunch of pictures of funny stuff at home on my camera...I'll try to post them later.

I have to go to the Kolodjeiz for a BBQ Saturday, any suggestions on food to take. Please keep in mind I'm a crappy cook even with the recipe. Leave all suggestions in the comments so I can go through them.

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spiffydoug said...

Take a salmon pate