Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's not OK

So, they have found this 44# cat wondering around the streets of New Jersey. The owners have til Sunday to claim Princess Chubstah. The problem is....The owners will be charged with animal abuse.
I've looked at about 6 pictures of this cat and short of the weight, and who's to say this cat doesn't have "big bones" or a "thyroid problem", this damn cat looks pretty well loved. I'm guessing a little old lady owned this cat, fed the hell out of it with table scraps, liver and fancy feast...the cat got out the kitty door and could not fit back know, similar to Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Cat wanders around neighborhood mewing and waiting and was found by our low level cops called the Humane Society. Look at it...eyes clear, no mange, has both ears....clean tummy. I bet this kitty smells like cigarette smoke, Chanel #5, and steamed milk.
Do we need a law that keeps people from overfeeding their pets?
Possibly...but maybe other factors should be factored in.
So in short...THIS IS NOT OK.


this appears to be ok...

there is no "real law" against this in the US

see above kitty? You go to jail and pay a hefty fine....
See above Kiddies....nothing, well possibly a visit from Social Services if the above also includes bruises, broken bones and no shows to school.

I think there may be a problem here.

CA. banned trans fats. Good Job, Arnold!
But....maybe we should start heaving fines on parents that continue down this path with their children. People like to say this is a "low income" thing, but look around. This is happening in Middle America.
This is not ok.
We will be paying, may I dare say, a Hefty price for these problems in 50 years with lack of insurance and medical costs.
liver shutting down, knee replacements, hip replacements and my fav. Diabetes.

I say we not only get rid of transfats...but make healthy food a bit more affordable...How about we get rid of HotPockets and let kids have a salad as a choice at school?
I don't want Pizza Hut to be a provider of lunch at my kid's middle school.
If they don't have a choice...I guarantee they will eat the salad bar and fruit.
One more Idea, why don't we all take the stigmata off of being vegetarian. For my kid's sake, your kid's sake and for the sake of the planet.

Do something about it. Tell your kids it's ok to eat vegetables and if you know a kid who is veggie... talk about it, don't laugh about it. Be an adult. I'm not saying everyone needs to switch to Soybeans...I'm saying a Boca burger and a salad ...even a veggie weenie are good choices...not something to poke fingers at and laugh at just because it's different than a slab of steak.

think about it
comments welcome


Anonymous said...

You know I love animals, sometimes it seems more than humans (the annoying ones anyway), but children like that should be considered abused. They will never have normal years.

Have you seen "Supersize Me"? It's crazy to see what people say about food, their weight and such. One woman who had just seen a motivational speech with her daughter from Jared actually wept on camera that how could her daughter and her lose weight? They couldn't afford to eat Subway everyday for every meal! Like making a healthy sandwich and salad at home was too difficult? Weirdos.


Anonymous said...


You will love The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Very sarcastic, funny. =)


k said...

Funny - I am sitting here eating a Boca Burger salad and reading your comments - It must run in the family. The thinking process - I mean

jozette said...

this was a great post.