Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oh yeah a funny hunny

I forgot this one.
Olive has been watching way too much TV...She absolutely adores the idiot box. I, in no way encourage TV watching, in fact we often unplug the entire thing so that no one can enjoy it. Olive does not care if it is unplugged...she will still insist that it is turned on so that she can watch her "shows". She screeches from the TV room " Mamooooooo, Come here!!!!! RUN.....nevermind, you missed it". (uh, that is because I didn't even budge from my spot on the porch swing, honey).
She can recite commercials about aqua globes, mighty putty, Paula Dean, KaBaam, and knows every character from the Old Hanah Barbara's disturbing. With that said, this morning we are driving to preschool and I am listening to the radio and she hears they are giving away a trip to San Diego.
"Mamoooooo, we HAVE to get that ....we need it, I want it!!!"

"Olive, what is in San Diego that we need to see?"

"Mamooo, I need to see San Diego, BackPack, Dora, Boots and Everyone...You know I LOVE San Diego"

hahahaha duh.... of course...San Diego....and his cousin Dora. How could I be so stupid? I was actually thinking Seaworld or the Zoo or something. Jeez. yes San Diego, bless his little Peruvian heart.

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