Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Sews and a new doo

olive's new A-line haircut  (so Poshlike)

So I made this little top this morning and was hoping to put some ruffles on the bottom, but of course ran out of fabric. It's soooo cute, isn't it?  Daddy got her some "dolphin shorts" (remember them?) from Target.  He's such a good shopper, he was even able to convince her pink plaid did not match the polka dots well and that she would look smashing in white shorts.  

I'm thinking I might attempt my first tutorial on this top since it is so easy and so easily adaptable, that is if anyone would be interested.  I honestly believe one of the main reasons to have a girl child is to make little outfits.  They are easier than adult outfits and you can use funky fabric that adults don't tend to wear.  

I got some fabric for another bag and have an idea for an applique type thing to put on it...and some 100% muslin fabric unbleached to try to make the girls each a pinafore dress....Synda I hope you don't mind me making dresses for Ryland!

Well, we will be taking the hotrod out to Jimmy and Leslie's this afternoon for libations and such.  Tomorrow Yoga, study and pushups.


lapetitemort73 said...


I love that top! And why can't adults wear it, in funky fabrics no less? I think I'm actually starting to get where I don't care what others think. (yaay)

I bought a black messenger bag, cuz the hub was like, just get a plain black one and we can bedazzle it with patches and cool sparkley stuffs. I did see the most awesome backpack... it had a huge cupcake patch and sparkles =)


Mint Julep said...

Is that your daughter? Seriously, one does not get cuter than that. And that hair! Awesome. Oh, and btw, I totally wanted to name my first girl Olive. Olive Esmee.