Thursday, July 3, 2008

STP and Red Rocks

It was a nice night. We got backstage passes which involved some free catering and backside look at the band playing. Our seats were good. Bruce got seats right to the left of the sound guy(I guess this is the best area) and we enjoyed the show...that is until the idiot EMO Junkie lost his cookies down the back of my legs...fucker. I heard this "familiar" sound but couldn't quite place it til Burt and Jimmy yelled "get that lil shit outta here before we kill him!" At that point I knew that it WASN'T a dropped beer on my backside...Bummer. I'm all for people have a good time...but jeez. For me...if I'm not standing behind the 6'5" giant (I'm 5' on a good day), standing next to the crazy underdressed groupie shaking her ass and taking up too much room, then I'm being puked on.

We used our VIP passes to go down to the front row on the last song and just guess what happened there? You are thinking Scott Weiland came over and asked for my hand? No...the guy standing next to us started to puke...but his girlfriend got him outta there quick, which was good, because Bobby looked at me and I said, "Lucky guy, Cause I was gonna have to beat him".

All in all it was a great night. Red Rocks is always great. Tomorrow is the 4th...not sure what is going on then.

Hope everyone has a great one!

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lapetitemort73 said...

Well, cept for the pukey - that's not lucky at all, and really gross, and I would have vomited just from being puked on.

I'm glad other than that it was all good though!