Monday, July 21, 2008

stupid Monday

Well, the week begins with no coffee. it's going to be a crapalicious day. Well, actually there was coffee, just no sugar, because the kids in our house eat everything like they are at a hotel buffet and never say when things are running out. Let me give you an example. Bobby bought one of those huge ass boxes of cereal Friday evening so that Olive, who thinks cereal is only for weekends, and that it could possibly come straight from the mysterious world of fairies and unicorns and float down on candy coated clouds right into her Spongebob Squarepants bowl every Saturday morning, would have it. He always buys the crappy kind like Apple Jacks knowing the boys don't like it. Did I mention he bought this cereal Friday evening at about 7 647 am when I stumbled down the stairs being lead by the little paw of Olive to her "special cupboard" where Daddoo keeps her Saturday morning ritual...I noticed on the counter the box of cereal. I pick it up...Jeesus Crimony....EMPTY, well almost empty they left enough for about an 1/8 of a bowl of cereal. Who eats a pound of cereal in one evening?! I tell Olive to go turn on her shows and I pour the bit of cereal and all that weird powderey stuff into the bowl...look through the cabinet and find some old cornflakes to mix with it...knowing in my head she is not gonna fall for the flakes, I get into the spice cabinet and find some cupcake sprinkles and dump those on top...all so i don't have to hear the screaming....i reach for the new 1/2 gallon of milk in the fridge,lift and about toss the damn thing over my head backwards! Empty! in the fridge and EMPTY. Damn them, curses to hell. Olive got a nice mixture of soymilk and Daddoo's heavy cream. I hate teenagers. I hate them all. they are smelly, they eat everything in the house and they have no phone skills.
Enough said.
With all that said. I have no idea what they did with the sugar that was to go into my coffee this morning, but that was gone too.
It's going to be one of those crappy Mondays.


Mint Julep said...

I'm not gonna lie, that does sound bad.

lapetitemort73 said...

I'm sorry.
Teens are evil little stinkers.

spiffydoug said...

Sounds like the munchies to me

roXy said...

sounds like you need to get a mini fridge to put in your room and keep a stash of things for you...geesh.