Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Daddy went out with RockStars and we stayed home...
We don't really know what Daddoo does but we know when Daddoo is away Mommy drinks wine...tries to do homework and fiddle faddles about

sometimes my yard pleases me with lovely flowers...see I'm in Colorado...usually things this tropical don't happen unless stuck to a barrette on the side of someone's head.


spiffydoug said...

Hey bubba, what are those flowers? They are beautiful

lapetitemort73 said...

Are those hibiscus? Pretty!
And Olive looks like she is enjoying a yummy popsicle!
You should have been camping with us - boxes of wine... pure class
I hope that you are feeling better.


k said...

My goodness - she looks like Ilin in that picture!!! My new favorite wine is Mommy's Time Out. Can't find it in Michigan - but the brother-in-laws brought me back a case last month.
Bought the first bottles at The World's Largest Liquor Store when we were at your house.
Miss ya - and come to my house and grow those beautiful flowers.