Tuesday, July 1, 2008

under the weather

sorry...i'm under the weather and stressed about Microbiology....My friend is gone for the week...and my schedule is too full.  Maybe my cold is an aversion to too many plans?
Bobby's friend Bruce, who works for the Deleo brothers...of the Stone Temple Pilots is in town this week to play RedRocks.  Here's our schedule:
1. Drive to Denver to see Bruce Tuesday night...(i'm staying home)
2. Backstage and party with STP (Wed.)
3. Rockies game and prefireworks with the Koldjiez (this outta be fun)(thursday)
4. I don't know...I'm tired

plus I'm using up my sick days...by being sick!!!  How will I ever get to go on vacation!?

go read the Blogroll...I'll be back on my game in a few days...I cant wait to try the "camera" thing that Petunia Face did!!!

everyone who is doing the pushups should be done with day 2

oh yeah...how come no one ever comments?

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