Monday, July 14, 2008

What a weekend

I didn't go to Yoga...I'll get that out there right now...but I did run on Saturday...

We went to the Kolodjiez Saturday afternoon for BBQ, although I'm vegetarian so I drank, ate salsa and had some coleslaw... Some old friends were there and there was one short minute where my feelings got hurt, so things are going to change around here. One of the ladies there kept kind of making sideways remarks about how "myssi always says it like it is"...or "leave it to her to say something like that"....and just some kind of off the cuff remarks/ I've decided that I will NOT be telling anyone anything anymore. I kept my mouth shut most of the evening, seeing as to how I tend to kind of watch the kids and such ...from now I'll be quiet. I didn't care for getting my feelings hurt from someone I feel is a friend, and possibly she didn't even realize, but whatever. Yeah, I do say things like they are. I'm sorry for that but if ...let's just say...your "husband is out with the guys and I happen to be there...and I see him leaving with another woman or chatting someone up...maybe it's not my business...but if he is loaded and maybe a bit on the edge of a poor decision...I'll say something to him...ya know Hey_____, why don't you come over here and keep yourself outta trouble for a bit longer". Next time I'll let him go.
I would expect the same for me....If my kids are acting freaky...I hope one of my "friends" puts them in line if I'm not standing right if these kind of things are being outspoken, then I guess I am...screw it...enough said, I got it off my chest.

On a fun note. Miss Olive had an audition for a TV scout. Too funny. She had to do a one on one interview, a runway walk and sell some corn pops on camera with someone feeding her lines. She did really well. I honestly just thought she would chicken out when we got there, but absolutely not. I'll start at the semi beginning on the car ride there...she kept tummy hurts...ok..."do you need to barf?" mmmm no, Mamoo. 3 miles later..."Mammooooooo I need you to STOP now!!!!!" RRRRRRRRRRr , car screeches across 4 lanes of I-25, about killing us, Daddoo yelling to do something and that he is going to puke if she pukes (thanks dad) to the side of the road whipped Miss Olive out of the car pukey.
Back in the another 30 miles and have about 3 minutes more to go and I hear this whimper and SPLA^TTTT....pukarama. All over her little outfit and everything. After she was all cleaned up, she said " Mammoooooo, my audition!!! my shorts are pukey!" Daddy went to the Target and got her a new pair of shorts and we went to the audition....LATE. The man told us , "what a cutie...can you come back at 230?" So, we did.
She did, like I said earlier, really well and they call back in a week. We know she probably won't make it, but if she wants to keep trying Daddoo or Mammoo will keep driving. She told the lady she wants to be on TV...and sell Mighty Putty. That's my girl.

That was Sunday and by the time we got home I could barely make dinner. And the week begins again.
write ya later


lapetitemort73 said...

I like people that say it like they see it or say stuff bluntly and honestly. ~kicks people who hurt your feelings~ She's probably just pissed cuz her man was being a poophead and you caught him and called him out - as anyone should do.
I would want someone to do the same if my man were about to commit the crime - then I could kick his arse when he got home.

~fingers crossed for Miss Olive~ By the way, love her new doo =)

v8_grrl said...

for the record :) I was JUST SAYING if that was to happen...not that it did ;) and I never would TELL the girl unless something happened really...I just let's say, if it happened, kept someone from possibly getting into trouble.

thanks for olive

lapetitemort73 said...

Gotcha =)
You're a good woman, lady =D

Anonymous said...

I love you for saying it how it is! I wish I would have been there and I could have told HER how it is the way I like to do it when someone is hurting my friends feelings. Do I know this person?

Olive is so cute, I already want to buy some mighty putty...she sold me the other day.


jozette said...

so, i've gotten into very similar situations because i lack a certain filter that a lot of people have located between their brains and mouths. and sometimes people can't take it. but i'd rather be honest than regret not telling someone something. and people who know me know that it comes from a good place. so... be who you are and while it hurts to hear feedback like that from a friend - know that a real friend will accept you for who you are and appreciate what you have to say. ok, i'm done now. (i'm kind of mad at your friend.)

spiffydoug said...

I would like to put my two cents in, but I am going to remain quiet