Wednesday, July 30, 2008

work computer shut down!!! woohoo

Happy day! The Meditech system is getting upgrades, which means I can do nothing for the next 4 hours. Wait a minute, it kind of sucks because I have to sit here, doing nothing, when I could be doing anything somewhere else. Figures, it's like Murphy's Law.

Maybe I'll just hit a few topics in my life while I'm sitting...then I'm going to study. (My supervisor gave me permission to do homework while I'm sitting).

Yesterday, I worked on my bag. It definitely does not look like I want it to, but I think it will look ok. I'll post some pictures this afternoon. Class yesterday was had a bit of a good note to it. We got a much needed extra point added to our grades...teacher made a boo boo and the genius next to me caught it, God Bless Him and his oversized brain. We got out early and I had intended on going to Hot Yoga, got home and asked B if he had practice. His answer was "I think." Then 5 minutes before I should have left he said, "oh we aren't having practice." ???? Does he do it on purpose? I kindly stated that he could have told me so that I could go do a few things for MYSELF, like go to Yoga. He, not so kindly stated, "you went to yoga on Sunday." UH , yeah, so? You bought crap on EBAY every day last week.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm not as important as the rest of the household, upon making a commitment, then birthing I was to give up all my rights as a free life living human of the female variety and give into the middle age mom spread....stay home and cook, clean, and tell people to bathe and brush their teeth. How could I have forgotten that? Especially when they walk around reminding me from the minute my feet hit the threshold of the house til at least 20 minutes after my ass hits the bed with no pause inbetween. (and you people wonder why I don't crap on a regular basis.? soon as I sit down there is a 4 y.o pawing at the door! Honestly, yesterday, when I went to the bathroom she sat right outside the door eating carrots and dip kicking the door with her tippy toes, wanting to know why I locked the door, and why she couldn't get the TP for me and help me wipe.)

As punishment to my family yesterday I announced I would not be cooking dinner. I kindly told Dad that I would really like it if he could be in charge of dinner, the entire thing. (time at this point 5;45 pm) There was a bit of eye rolling and a "why" so I said, I want to sew then study...and I'll be ready for dinner when it's ready. (sidebar: I had all ready defrosted the chicken, put the rice on , and sat out our veggie dinner.)

(current time 715 pm...Dad in garage) In my head....I'm not going up there, I'm not giving in. Then from Olive's loud mouth, "I'm starving, give me those C...H...I...P...S!!!!!! (heehee I knew without even being there she was trying to get Dad's chips and salsa he was eating while avoiding cooking. That did it. he went up and turned on the grill, made salad, and had Trevor set the table. YES!!!! and you know what? No one died. Close...

After dinner Synda came over after class and we had Tequila and Oj and talked about how much we LOVE tequila and how she was in trouble at home too. Nice to know the river runs wide around here.

My day ended with a bit more studying because class is over Aug 7th and as you know I MUST make a C. I crawled into bed and actually slept. The best part of my day.

PS it's Bobby's Bday Aug 3rd, he wants these, but for some reason Lip Service never has small sizes...only sizes in the size people should not be wearing these clothes (does that make sense?)
he's 28" if any of you fashionistas know where I can get him a pair of flairs or bell bottoms let me know

lip service flairs


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Anonymous said...

I just think men are clueless sometimes. S does the same thing when I ask him to do something, waits & waits. Then when I storm around slamming things, he'll say, "I was going to do it." ??? When, ya know?
They are really poopy-pants sometimes.

You are going to pass that class with better than a C, I just know it.