Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool Boss

Have you ever had one of those bosses who are really laid back?  You know, everything is ok with them as long as things are covered and there are no kinks in the hose.  The boss that says , "Sure take a vacation, just make sure all the shifts are covered and I know when you are coming back".  This was my awesome boss in a corporate world.  I work in a hospital where there is a"code of conduct" and many rules to follow: dress code, clock in times, holiday times, overtime, name in and there's a rule for it.  I understand this.  I really do. There is always some jackass behind every jackassed rule. I have worked in places where people think starting their shift is 18 minutes past the time they clock in...which is fine if you are not relieving someone who must stay until you sit your fat ass in the chair with your snacks and accouterments.  
I don't work that job anymore.  I work a job with a job share partner where no one says you have to be there at 8 am on the nose.  If you are going to be 2 hours late you call and let them know.  As long as the job gets done everyday and things are completed...A-OK...that was until that boss who was so laid back decided out of the blue that "rules needed to be enforced".  I'm also ok with this, but you don't just start on the 3rd Wednesday of the month with no forewarning.
So forgive me kind ,cool boss who used to never enforce rules in our section of Utopia for me getting a bit irritated when you wrote me up yesterday for taking a day off on Wednesday.  The shift was covered.  I did tell you.  I came in the next day to help with crap.   OH...I didn't call the front desk 2 hours before my shift and let them know?  So I get a counseling session?!!!  Let me let you in on a few things...

You know that guy who sits down front and always appears to be "away from his desk" doing a different part of his job?  Well really, he is taking a 2 hour lunch break because I saw him at La Rhumba drinking cocktails with some ladies the other day.  You know that other person who come in at 10 and always is working overtime?   She is not working.  I saw HER down at the Fit Stop, working out, on the clock, for almost 2 hours...hence the reason she clocked out 945 pm.  How about that new Jackass you hired who didn't even show up for the shift and we all had to work until we got it covered...How come he is still employed?  Hmmm let me think about it....think think.  Boy, that Myssi, she's never been late for a shift.  She helps everyone who asks...follows all rules pretty much all the time...never sick, doesn't take mental health days because she's on the rag...and you know what?... she does her job pretty problemo....but let's make sure we write her up on her permanent record.  Perfect sense to me.

thanks cool Boss.
Have a great retirement.  I can't wait.


spiffydoug said...

Rules are meant to followed you bitter, bitter girl! You can drink at lunch? Way cool!

netta said...

i hate it when cool bosses suddenly become oh so tragically uncool and in fact ... veering toward heinously overbearing and irritating.