Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Eye Candy... me likey

I think that Mr Downey has come a long way from the Less than Zero.
Me Likey....He's my new man crush
last night I had an awesome dream about
Young Mr. Parrish from Weeds
(the shirtless one)
I think this may be wrong considering he's probably just barely legal. I have now turned into a female cradle snatcher in my dreams. Although for some reason, in my dreams (they are my dreams after all) I'm younger too. It was the best romantic interlude I've had in a while!
It was that high school Love...mmmm
when I walked into the room (dream) he lit up for me and me alone.
Then I was rudely awaken by the screech of the family of raccoons that wonder through my backyard every night.
In my mind this morning I thought
a good raccoon is a dead raccoon....not very ladylike coming from a vegetarian, but you don't understand! Mr Hunter Parrish was waiting for me and I had to miss the happy ending because of raccoons!
Story of my life.

Maybe next time I can have a 3some with hunter and downey....and if there has to be a girl I'll take that Hooker girl on after WEEDS.
Who would be your 3 some?


spiffydoug said...

A loaf of french bread and some mayo

Mint Julep said...


I posted a blog about RDJ's mustache today and how I think he looks pretty good with it. I really don't think he looks as HOT as ususal, but still pretty good. And then I look at some older posts that I missed while I was fucking working this weekend and I find that you, Ms. V8 had also posted something about RDJ. Do we both have a thing for RDJ?


v8_grrl said...

I think we may possibly be thinking alike, as scary as that is