Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm here

I have a Test today, review Wed. then final Thursday....then mucho cerveza.

I have some pictures to post from then weekend but it may not be til Thursday.
My Stepson is going thru caffeine withdrawals and I hope he's ok. We discovered he was drinking between 2 and 5 NOS,Throttle, RedBulls and whatever for the past month.
We put the halt to it 2 days ago and made him get up and eat and move around. Well last night the headaches and puking began. It's like having a junkie roommate right now.

write ya later


Mint Julep said...

That's harsh. I tried to give up my cup/cup 1/2 of coffee a day habit and my husband wanted to send me to rehab. He came home one day and found me hanging off the side of the couch moaning in desperation for at least a diet coke. Once I had that first sip I was all good. It's crack.
Good luck with everything you've got going on!


lapetitemort73 said...

Believe it or not, I haven't had any since last Friday - caffiene at all...shocking

Of course, it wasn't the hard stuff like those drinks.