Monday, August 25, 2008

Laptop Bag...Paisley

Princess Titsy started a new job with Headstart teaching Bi-lingual Preschool. To send her off I wanted to get her something special and the only way I could do that was to make something nice, especially since I'm broke. I made her a Laptop bag with her favorite colors, Pink, Green and Paisley. I don't know how I found the perfect material, but I did. The God's were with me!

It's not perfect, but It is the the thought that counts and I think if I make a few more for my Upcoming Etsy Store they will sell...well at least I hope they do.

Today, I started my day like a total freak, running around looking for a check book. I guess reordering checks has not been top on my list of priorities...well, it should have been. I got up at 545am, but didn't leave the house til 730 am....Not the best way to start. School was fine, and I'm hoping I can borrow books and not have to buy them. I just can't afford 200$ for 2 books right now.


JB said...

You are amazing!

SVK said...

Good work, sis!